Thursday, July 3, 2008

Look mom. I can drain myself!

Going to the doctor’s office so many times for the same thing you can get a inkling on how they fix things. Not major surgeries mind you, smaller stuff. Like how to drain your face when you swell up for the 3rd time. 4th if you count the few days after the first surgery. Yes, I did swell but I knew this was coming this time. The whole under my chin closed up… completely.

I knew I had to reopen the hole somehow. So, like I did before but this time on purpose I stuck the back of the q-tip in the closed whole (carefully) and POP, it opened. The junk that came out was not severe but it did do the trick. Over the next few days the swelling was smaller and smaller. By the time I had my appointment with Dr B it was gone. I told him what I did and he almost laughed. You have to laugh at these things because what is the alternative? Cry? I did that already on several occasions.

He did press the issue that I really need to get this plate out. It was up to me when to do it. But if I waited I just have to go thru this thing over and over, the swelling and aggravation of packing the wound and the bleeding that comes with it. Soon I would have enough. But I am going on vacation soon and I don’t want anything to interfere with it.

I need some tranquility. That and I am in denial.