Sunday, March 14, 2010


Trust: a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something b : one in which confidence is placed. per Merriam-Webster

To have one's trust is a very powerful gift and one that should not be taken lightly. Once it's lost it is hard to get back. Not impossible, depending on the issue at hand, of course. It is easier to trust close family members like a parent or brother or sister. Heck, they have been with you since you were born.

Friends take time and if you are lucky to have one or two best friends to share your life and trust with, consider yourself blessed. Too many people out there will turn around and habitually reveal personal or sensational facts about others. We all know people like that.

It's very hard to trust a stranger. Let alone, a stranger that will be operating on you. In a way, depending on the operation, you are trusting him or her with your life. That is why, in my humble opinion, if you are going to have an operation, however long or short it may be, get a second opinion. Heck get three or four. I had four listed but only saw three. I did not need to after I went to Hopkins. Sometimes you just have a feeling about someone.

I have no regrets about my choice. For those going through the same thing as myself, I am sorry, it sucks, I know. But look around. Talk to a few doctors. Some may suggest the same procedure, others may pick a completely different path. Two of the three doctors I went to wanted to wire my jaw closed. Two of the three doctors wanted to use a bone graft from my hip instead of my fibula.

Do the research. Get the doctors CV. Talk to past patients if you can. Check out support groups or blogs like mine. But, in the end, its all about trust. Trust in yourself for making the choice and trust in the doctor.

Monday, March 8, 2010


There are things in life that are unavoidable. Paying taxes, death and change. Sometimes change can be the hardest. Dealing with amelo has definitely changed me. But I honestly feel for the better. Yes, I said for the better.

Let me explain.

I always wanted to get in shape. I joined the gym. Never went. I read up on health magazines. Never followed it through. Get the point. It was only after I had my surgery for amelo that it finally kicked in. I needed to get healthy. I needed to get fit.

I went on an ongoing life change. I went to a nutritionist. I seriously hit the gym several times a week. I mentally and physically made a change to get myself healthy. As a result, I lost 40 pounds. More importantly I kept it off. I really felt better about myself. Sometimes it takes something bad to happen in your life for you to realize what is important. Health is import. I am important. I need to take care of me.

But sometimes change can hurt. Especially if the change was a choice. A choice that was made in fear or haste. Quitting a job. Not going to the doctor. Turning your back on something that could possibly be good because you're scared. Get the picture? Sometimes in life no matter how hard you try and hit ctrl z, you cannot undo it.

If I learned anything this past weekend it is to think before you act. You cannot take back yesterday.

But you can learn.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last straw.

I consider myself a very patient person. But there is only so much I can take. After leaving 3 messages at the Dental Surgery office at Hopkins and not hearing back from anyone, I wrote an e-mail to the patient relations office to make a formal complaint. I was trying to get them to help me with an insurance issue.

I was pleased that I did got a response from the patient relations office within 1 business day of my initial e-mail. I got a phone call back from the Dental Office today.

Lesson of the day: Sometimes it pays to complain.