Friday, June 12, 2009


Life can be daunting at times. It can get especially disheartening when you deal with a disease such as amelo. You can feel so alone. Friends and family do not know what you go through. Not really. They will not know (and I hope never) what it is like to have ½ your jaw taken out or part of your fibula or hip bone gone. The worry that you might be deformed (depressing I know). But what they can do is offer support. A shoulder, an ear. They can tell you to stop your complaining when you go off the deep end for something so stupid. (Thanks bro!)

But what if you don’t have that support system… I recently heard a story and I really hope it was exaggerated. This woman, we will call her Mary, was just diagnosed with cancer. Now instead of her friends being there for her, they abandoned her. She took it as they did not know how to deal with her having cancer. But regardless, you do not abandon a friend in need. Especially one going through something so serious. Lucky she found some support in a fellow cancer survivor. Bless her.

So I say to all my true friends out there, thank you for being there for me. To the rest? Go Frak off!

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