Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would you like one CAT Scan or two?

I honestly can say I have had about 10 CAT Scans in my life. All of which for ameloblastoma. I have never had an issue getting a CAT Scan done, till now. I asked my doctor's secretary a while back if I had to get the scans done at Hopkins or if I could do it local. She did state I could get it done where I live. Good, I thought at that time, that would save me a 3 hour drive. However, now I find out that the place in which I am trying to get the scan done, South Jersey Radiology, can not do the procedures, at least not in one day.


According to SJR, my prescription states two separate scans. Well that is news to me. I usually get one scan by itself and then another with contrast. I got so mad that I just told the person on the phone to cancel my appointment all together. I felt bad as she was being very nice and I was acting like a wounded bitch. Guess I let my anger get away from me. Again. I then directly call Hopkins and left message a with the secretary asking to help get this all straighten out.

If I have too, I would go to Hopkins but I did not understand why two different procedures were ordered this time. I normally just have one. Also SJR was trying to get a hold of the doctor to find out what the exact order was and no one called them back. If I have to take a day off to get this crap done I will be very miffed.

And it’s only 10am.

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