Saturday, December 4, 2010

Been a bit.

Sorry I have not posted in a while. Life has it's interesting turns. But that is no excuse not to post. The good news is that I got a clear bill of health from my doctor back in August. I just have to go back in about a year or two for follow-up. I have an appointment to get the final stages of my reconstruction done with my doctor so I should have a full set of teeth soon.


Cassy said...

Its great you're healthy!

I hope the teeth thing happens soon for you


ana said...

I am sad that the procedure of most doctors is to remove the jaw bone and replace it with steel. That’s why I am sharing this.
My son had ameloblastoma when he was 5 years old. It was already so big when it was discovered. We practically went to almost all hospitals in Manila Philippines. All doctors except for one recommended removal of his jaw bone and replacing it with steel. Other doctors also would remove a bone from his hip to replace the jaw. We refused because he was so young so he would grow up with severely damaged face and even possibly limp because of the bone that will be removed from his hip.
Through prayers and research we found Dr. Roberto Pangan, an oral maxillofacial ( a dentist and EENT at the same time). He removed the tumor orally so there was no cut on the face and to top it all without cutting/removing the jaw bone.
My son is now 10 years old with no recurrence of the tumor. His jaw bone has grown to its normal size. My son is so grateful to God and Dr. Pangan otherwise he would have grown with a severely damaged face and very low self-esteem.