Friday, August 15, 2008

Ok, enough...

I love to travel. See new places. Eat new foods. Meet new people. Eat new foods. Ok, so I like food. Anyway, I was about to take a trip to California. It will only be my 2nd time to San Diego and first to Los Angels.

My brother was out there working so I would kill two birds by seeing him then flying out for the San Diego Comic Con. I was all excited except for one thing. I notice the day before that I started to develop what looked like a blister inside my mouth were the graft was. It was quiet large, the size of a raisin. I showed this to my mom and she also could see it. I knew I would have to keep an eye on this. But nothing was stopping me from enjoying my trip.

It took me a while to get adjusted to LA. Not because it was a bad city. It is just... different. I am from the east coast and we don't have a town where I live like it. Guess the warm weather year around helps.

My brother and I were off to go to Disneyland. I was very excited. Been to Disney World several times. Use to work there. Its always a good time. Except for today. As I was packing my wound with gauze I noticed an odd taste in my mouth. It took me a while but then I realized what it was. BLOOD. Oh crap!

I quickly went to a mirror but it was hard to see where the blood was coming from. Upon further examination and by using a q-tip, I noticed it was coming from my blister. Naturally every evil thought I had about the bone graft failing or the infection now spreading crossed my mind. I was worried that I would have to go to the hospital and ruin my vacation. The only hospital I knew was Cedars-Sinai because you here about it on TV all the time. I asked my brother where is was and thankfully it was just down the street from his hotel. I tossed back and forth in my head whether I should go now. The blood was not bad, just dribbles and I really wanted to go to Disney (yes my priorities are wacked). Well you can guess what I decided to do.

Well I had fun in Disney and the bleeding did stop. As soon as I got back from CA I went right to Hopkins to see my doctor. I called his office when I was on vacation and informed his secretary what was happening she he was perpared. After the doctor examined me he said, "Ok enough". He thinks that he finally realized what may have been causing my infection and swelling. The blister means that there is a pin needle size hole in my mouth where they did the surgery. He wants to go in and take out the plate and reseal this hole. He also said that it was same area where they had to go back in 4 days after my first surgery. Great.

I knew this day would come. But I guess part of me was in denial for three months. Guess it was the bleeding that snapped my eyes open. I cannot keep going on like this. Plus I want my teeth, my full smile back and that cannot happen till I get this swelling and bleeding under control. The doctor stated where he would go in, my mouth but warned me that he may need to cut my neck a little to get his tools in there to take out the plate. The incision would be on the same scar line that was the first two and that it would not be a evasive. If everything looks good no new plate would be put in. If not, he would place two small plated where the graft and the my jaw meet. He would also close that pin needle hole at the same time. Surgery would take 3 hours and it would be an outpatient procedure with recovery time about a week.

Naturally I am taking off two weeks to give me time to recover. If I feel up to it I can go back early. I already told my work when the date would be.

November 7th.

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