Monday, September 1, 2008

When will I get my teeth.

It’s been 8 months since my surgery and I had hoped by now that I would have my implants, new teeth and I could start chewing on my right size. New teeth so that every time I smiled my tongue would not stick out on the right side and I would not look like an idiot. But with all my issues I am having that would not be the case. It could not be the case.

I went to see my oral surgeon to tell him what was happening and to see where my implants would fit in, if at all possible. Dr S knew what was going on with the swelling but not the bleeding. I told him that my surgery date would be November 7th and I wondered if he could do the implants then as he once suggested at a prior appointment. He could and would if there were no issues during surgery. At least place the studs in my new jaw and even take out my wisdom teeth on my left side that had to get removed anyway. It would be nice to see if they could do everything at once.

I would not get my permanent teeth just yet. At best he would give me prosthetic teeth (dentures) to go home with that I could place over my studs. This would give me time to see if the placements would be correct for the permanent implants or to see if anything needed to be adjusted.

I just don’t know if my insurance company will cover it…the implants anyway.

I also asked to get a copy of my last x-ray showing my plate. It’s not the best copy but I uploaded it anyway. You can not really see my fibula. Perhaps I can get a better copy. I will upload soon.

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