Friday, July 9, 2010

I just want to heal

Today I received a letter from my insurance company regarding the appeal package I sent last month. I asked them to reconsider payment for the implant surgery I had last November. They denied that request.

The letter stated that this claim was not entitled to an appeal. No explanation, just that fact. It stated they would forward my information to the correct department. WHAT???

I really don't understand insurance companies. The first denial letter stated that I could appeal. But when I go through the appeal process they send a letter stating it's not entitled to be appeal. Talk about a mixed message.

It's a very frustrating position to be in. I just can not seem to heal. Physically, I want to heal and finish with the reconstruction. Emotionally, every letter that I receive rejecting the coverage is heartbreaking. It is almost as if they are rejecting me as a person. As if I do not matter. I know for them it's a business. They want to save money. But where does it end. It's hard to have hope when you have been let down and hurt so many times.

I will call them on Monday to clarify why my request was denied for an appeal. Just another day of my life dealing with amelo. But it's ok. I always keep telling myself it could be worse.

Chin up Laura, chin up.

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