Saturday, January 5, 2008

I would smile, but I can't

Well, on January 3rd after 14 days, two operations, 42 plus shots and countless other drugs I am home. I find myself very tired and sore. Pain is not too bad but I do have my drugs if needed to combat that. I can finally walk around without a walker. My leg is not even close to being 100%. I will have to go to physical therapy for that. But with time I should be moving around. I have complete numbness in half my face. From the left side of my chin all they way around to my lower right ear. Doctor does not think I will ever get the feeling back. But I guess I could live with it. 5 teeth are gone. Neck is still sore understandably. They did cut in the nature crease of my neck. Looks like someone took a small razor and sliced it from one side to the other. Its hard to move my neck around but its something I have to work on, especially if i want to drive again.

The worst part of the whole thing is that I have limited lip movement. In other words I can not smile or control my lower lip. I feel like Dick Clark. Doctor said it may get better but no guarantees. I can live with the scars and the numbness, but this is too much for me. Since the second surgery on December 24th there has not been one night where I have not cried.

It was a hard thing to go through, still is. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I pray that no other person has to go through this. I know it could be worst. There were people on my floor who had to go through chemo and radiation. I can not even imagine what they go through. All I can do is deal with the pain, and fear and reality of what I have. And its sucks.

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