Friday, April 18, 2008

What's wrong now?

It has been about 4 months since my surgery. I have really been feeling better. I just came back from seeing my oral surgeon at Hopkins. He was taking a bite impression to start the process of getting my implants. In a few months I would have a full set of teeth. My spirits were high. My attitude was getting better. I could see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Until two days later, my face decided to swell. Great.

The right side of my face where the doctors did the reconstruction had swollen. I panicked. Is my bone graft failing? Will I have to do the surgery all over again? Fear had taken over. It was time to go back to Hopkins and see my other doctors who did the surgery.

I will say this about the secretaries of both Dr K and Dr B, they really try to work with you. I called both with a desperate sense of dread and I think they could tell by my voice on the phone. I was lucky to get an appointment that day with Dr K and although I did have to wait two days for Dr B I was satisfied.

Upon seeing Dr K and informing him of what I had been through over the last few days, he had come to the conclusion that I was some how allergic to the impression that my oral surgeon did on Monday. He prescribed antibiotics and I went on my merry way. After I got home I starting thinking that it would be odd for me to be allergic to that. I have had the impression done in the past and never had an issue. So I decided to call my oral surgeon to let him know what happened. He stated that swelling could not be possible from the impression. Regardless he stated to go see him on Friday after I see Dr B. Good.

I went to on Friday to see Dr B and he gave me a prescription to get a CAT Scan. Great my 6th one in a year. Anyway, the scan did not show anything other then the collection of fluid that had built up. In other words he had no idea. Regardless the swelling needed to be drained, which lead to another cut underneath my chin. They did this so they could create a hole where all the pus could come out and by this time there was a lot. Gross, I know. Let’s just say I was none to happy about another possible scar.

I broke down. As now I have a hole the size of a dime underneath my chin. The thought of yet another scar, another mark of what this stupid tumor did to me I could not take it. The nurse was trying to be so nice in saying that its will be very small and when its done draining they will close it up nice. I did not want to hear that. All I cared about was I would have another mark.

In the newly formed wound they place a sterile plastic tube which was really just a finger of a plastic glove. They stitched the end of it to my skin so it would not come out. This tube will help drain out the goo that was in my jaw. I will have to go back in a two weeks to see the Dr to make sure things are going well.

After this appointment I went to see Dr S, my oral surgeon. He looking into my mouth and saw the swelling and confirmed that it was not caused by the impression. Obviously no implant procedure can be done till this swelling is under control. I left the hospital felling drained both physically and emotionally. Another scar. More time to wait for my new teeth.

I called my mom when I got into my car. Usually she is by my side when I go to the doctor for follow ups in the past. But I told her not to bother this time. Putting on my brave face I told her what happened.


Tina said...

Have you had implants done yet? I am reading your blog for the first time.


Smeagol Cat said...

Hi Tina, no I have not gotten them. I have to post more of what has happened. Its a long story.