Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The infection is spreading. Again

It’s a good thing that I am meeting my doctors this week because I don’t think I would have been able to hold off for much longer. It seems that my infection has decided to spread, again. I honestly think the only reason it took this long is that I am able to drain a little of it myself. Otherwise I would have 3 chins by now instead of only a chin and ½. My luck they will want me to get another Cat Scan. That would be my 8th in a little over a year.

Good thing its winter as I can hide the swelling by wearing nice thick scarves. In reality it’s not that bad but I do get a little self-conscious about it. But I do get to go out and buy pretty scarves. I am developing quite a nice collection.

33 days till surgery


Sherman S Yang said...


I cannot begin to imagine the pain you've gone though. I've only read about 5-10 posts, but I commend you on your bravery and strength through this whole ordeal. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

I've also been stricken with an Ameloblastoma in my lower left jaw. I got my first surgery back in Sept 08. Removal of the growth, jaw + left joint, 5-6 teeth, and Rib graft for my joint. Total of 8 hours. After recovering from that, I'm on track for the second surgery in the March/April timeframe. That will include the hip graft, to reconstruct my lower left jaw.


Tina said...

Oh Laura, be careful!! I am so worried for you. Please update as soon as you can. :(