Monday, January 26, 2009

Is it weird that I am happy?

Surgery is 20 days away and I am happy about it. Not that getting my neck cut from ear to ear and then have my skin pulled over my chin so the doctor can take the titanium plate out is fun (gross I know). But I hope that with this operation that I will finally be done with the major surgeries.

I feel that over the last two years my life has been on hold in some way. Almost to the point where my highlight was waiting till the next doctor appointment (there has been at least 30), the next CAT scan (7) or the next surgery (3 to date). Well that’s not really true as I took some great trips over the last two years; Los Angeles, San Diego, Disney World, Salem, Mass to name a few. But I practically live at Johns Hopkins.

Speaking of Johns Hopkins I found an interesting fact about the name Johns. Turned out his great-grandmother maiden name was Johns. That is where he got the s in Johns. That is for all you history buffs out there.

Anyway, I will find out the week after my surgery when I meet with my oral surgeon what the time frame will be to get my implants done. So I may one day soon finally be able to eat on the right side of my jaw. Once that is done I will feel whole again. Well as whole as one can get with ½ my jaw gone and my fibula chopped off and moved to a different place... (Too dramatic?)

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val said...

Great idea, March 20th. Think i will get a tee shirt printed