Monday, February 23, 2009

The one week mark

Things seems to be doing good. Swelling is still there but I no longer look like a one sided 1/2 inflated balloon. I am approaching the "crucial" time where the last two surgery's the infection reared its ugly head. So time will tell.

I think what may be helping me is the liquid antibiotics I am taking. Last time they (the hospital) gave me pills which I had a hard time taking. I would have to crush them up and take them with applesauce or yogurt. Let me tell you no matter what you put it in they taste terrible. BLAH.

Tomorrow I head back to Hopkins to have my stitches in my neck taken out. The stitches in my mouth will degrade over time. I am still not sure if I will use Mederma or ScarFade. The one things I like is that Mederma has cream with SPF 30. Sun screen is key in the fading of scars as with sun exposure you risk that scar turning red or staying red. At least so I am told.

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