Monday, March 16, 2009

One month mark

Today it will be one month since I had my surgery. No swelling. Which is always good. However, I noticed a small red "bubble" in the back of my right jaw. I placed a q-tip gently on top of it and pressed down. I noticed that there was a little blood on it. Not a lot where I would be calling the ENT at Hopkins, but enough to make sure I tell my doctor in two weeks about it. My luck is that I am getting another infection. GREAT

Also there had been no improvement with the right side of my lip. It is still paralyzed. Feel like a stoke victim. I know the doctor said give it about 3 months but still. I don't like the way it looks when I smile. I don't like the way my lip moves, or lack of movement, when I talk. And I really don't like what happens when I try to drink anything. Lets just say I get more on my shirt then in my mouth. I have to either hold the right side of my mouth closed when I drink to prevent leaking or drink through a straw. God I hopes this gets better.

Scar treatment is still on going. Its only been a week so I am not really thinking about it too much. Mederma is making so much money on me. All these scar creams are not cheap.

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Sandra said...

I am so sorry this is happening to you, but like you I am also one of ameloblastoma chosen one. I feel your pain and know what you are going thur. Everything will work out, it has to.