Monday, March 9, 2009

Scar treatment, week one

Today I start my scar treatment. I know in time it will fade but right now it looks like a bright red line drawn right across my neck. Doc said I could use any scar treatment out there. I will start with Mederma with sunscreen and vitamin E.
I am not a fan of the regular Mederma as it itches like heck and gets all flaky. Perhaps a combo of E and the cream will help. Says it takes about 8 weeks to work.

We will see. If all else fails I can always switch to a different product.


Anonymous said...


One of the worst offenders is the sun. Since summer will be here soon, try to keep the scar covered (for at least a year post surgery), and/or the highest SPF you can find. A concealer will also protect and disguise the scar. I got some from Ulta and it worked very well.


Laura said...

Thanks Jenn. I put sun screen on it every day. I try to cover as best I can. Dermablend is good too. Do you use that. It was SPF 30