Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I knew it, another surgery

I went to see my doctor at Johns Hopkins yesterday. I told him what happened; the swelling I started to get and the evil stuff coming out inside my month. Before I could give any more information he ask me if I was done. By done, he meant its time to take the plate out. I said YES.

I made sure he was aware that I wanted to stay in the hospital at least two days for observation. Based on my past history of getting an infection I thought this would be a wise move and he agreed. The only bad part is I would have to wait till next week to get a date for the surgery as his secretary was out on vacation. Lucky her.

My fear is after this is all said and done it will not work. Meaning my issues with swelling will continue. I pray that I am worrying for nothing and all the stars, planets and moons in the universe will align and I will be fine (over dramatic I know). But my ultimate fear is that my stupid Ameloblastoma will come back. I know there is always a chance. I hope that the doctor got everything out during the first surgery. But it only takes one cell left behind. Just one for the tumor to develop again.

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