Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I want my date...

I want my surgery date now! Not too demanding am I? I really hate to say this but I am so use to this its not even funny. I mean it will be my 4th surgery. I called the Doctors secretary to make the appointment but she did say she would have to call me back. I just want to know what my schedule would be for the next two month. Not that I am planning a lot. I did decide to go over to see my brother this week rather then wait till February. I know we will hit Disneyland again and perhaps some museums. It should be fun.

I am still swelling a little in which I drain myself by pushing on it. Stuff still comes out. I just hope I am not making it worse. I think when the plate comes out I will frame it or turn it into jewelry. I AM serious! LOL

Hope 2009 will be better then 2008.

Happy New Year

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Tina said...

Ooooh sweet- a new titanium necklace? Hey, I heard it doesn't tarnish. :p