Friday, November 6, 2009

In one week, back to Hopkins

Next Thursday I will go back to Hopkins to replace the one implant that they took out in the last surgery. I finally feel that things are moving forward, which is good. But for some odd reason, I feel worried.

I think I feel this way as it has been such a crazy process. From the infections, to the implants being taken out, to the doctor leaving, every step forward seems to be a few steps back. I hope nothing will go wrong and I am thinking positive, but …

The good thing is that I did find Dr. S, (HAZZAH), who will do my prosthetics. He recommended going back to Hopkins to get the implant replacement done and then we would take it from there. I will have to wait 2 -3 months for my mouth to heal and then we can proceed with putting “caps” on top of the implants. Then I would have to wait another few months before they can do the cast of my mouth and then….. TEETH! So, I will not get my teeth for Christmas as I hoped but if all goes well I will get my teeth for July.

Whether the insurance company will pay for it I have no idea, but I will deal with that when it comes up. Thankfully, to date they have paid everything. I could not visualize going through this process without some sort of insurance to help. I really feel for the people who do not have insurance. I am luck in the respect.

So here is hoping all goes according to plan. Fingers crossed.

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