Monday, February 15, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Well, it may have happened again. I noticed over the weekend that the inside of my mouth seemed a little swollen. By the end of the day Sunday I know I had a little infection. Oh boy.

I called Hopkins to make a follow up appointment with Dr Christian since he did the implant surgery. Turns out he is no longer at Hopkins . (WHAT!) I asked the person on the phone who took his files over. I was given the new doctors name but was informed he did not have any appointments till April. (NICE… really nice.) “So, what do I do if I have an emergency?” I asked. In which I was told to call his private practice. (Great customers service guys.) I took his number just in case but in my mind I was done, done with that office. I wanted nothing more to do with them. They have had poor customer service since day one. Now, I must stress I have had no issues with the doctors themselves. It’s the office that is so poorly run. I am confident that if US News and World Report just surveyed Hopkins on that office alone, they would not be anywhere near the top list of Hospitals in America.

So, I did what I normally would do. I contacted Dr. B. I have an appointment tomorrow. Perhaps I will get an answer on the other issue I have on the side of my jaw too. I am sure he will want a CAT Scan with contrast. (On a side note, I do wonder if there is a limit on how many CAT Scans a person can have in their lifetime when enough would be enough. I mean this will be my 8th. I think.)

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