Sunday, February 21, 2010

A wonderful doctor

I ran across this article I found in Hopkins Medicine Magazine. In the article, it describes the journey of three doctors and the path they took to work at Hopkins. Dr. Kofi Boahene is listed as one of them. He is the doctor that did the reconstruction on my mandible at Hopkins. I encourage everyone to check out the link above. Below is a little excerpt from the article. If anyone is looking for a great doctor for reconstruction, I can not recommend him highly enough. Also here is a YouTube link with a video interview with Dr Boahene.

Yet soon after arriving in Krasnodar and settling into his studies, the two school officials summoned him to the ambulance. Within an hour, a very confused Boahene found himself in a remote medical facility in a small Soviet town, serving as an unhappy pincushion for a dreary parade of nurses who began a daily ritual of blood drawings.

Despite his continuing bids for an explanation, no one seemed able to communicate in a language he could understand. The seemingly unbounded hours and days grew into an agonizing uncertainty. How long would he remain in this limbo? Was this the end of the road? With no end in sight after that first week, Boahene became increasingly uncooperative, eventually demanding to be sent back to Ghana.

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