Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where is the snow??

I woke up this morning to no snow. Oh well, at least I got to stay at a nice hotel. After a great breakfast I drove to Hopkins. I met Dr Koch who said everything looked good inside my mouth. I showed him the small bump I had on the side of my jaw. I was not prepared for what he said next.

Pleomorphic Adenoma, also called benign mixed tumor. WHAT THE FRAK?

This was just a possibility as it could also be a cyst and with out a CAT Scan he would not know for sure. He did not want to do a scan due to the fact it was too soon since my last one. He wanted to see me back in August to see if it lump has grown.

Now that I am in a happy mood, (sarcasim) I left the doctors office and started to head back home. Of course now it starts snowing.

I got this from

Pleomorphic adenomas, commonly called a benign mixed tumor, are histologically composed of 2 subtypes of cells: epithelial and mesenchymal. The tumors are typically well demarcated from the surrounding tissue by a fibrous capsule, which varies both in thickness and completeness.4

Don't know the above means but I do not like it. I really wish they speak english on these medical sites. Someone should start a medial site for dummies.

Guess I will find out in six months.

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