Saturday, February 20, 2010

I see red

I woke up this morning and took a look at the inside of my mouth. This has been part of my morning ritual since the swelling occurred over a week ago. I noticed that now a little bubble had popped up right on top where the indentation was from the first drainage. I applied some pressure on it to see if anything was coming out. Let’s just say I was now seeing lots of red.

I am scheduled to see Doctor Koch next week. I think I can hold out till then. I don’t see any yellow stuff which is good. That would be a sure sign of infection. All I can do now is keep the area as clean as possible.

On a side note I am waiting for my insurance to review my appeal letter that I sent a few weeks ago regarding the denial of my last surgery I had for the continuations of reconstructing my jaw. This is the 3rd letter I had to send them. One would think they would get it by now. Guess they are trying to save money. Yeah, well so am I.

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