Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Done in by toast?

Cinnamon raisin toast. Lightly buttered. Sounds good... does it not? It was the morning of Monday, October the 8th, start of a new work week. It had been well over a week since my biopsy. A good week of eating nothing but mashed potatoes, soup and the nutritious Ensure shakes. But after a while a girl needs some solid food. Since I was feeling much better both in spirits and in looks (my swelling went down quite a lot and I stopped looking like Ms Elephant) I could start eating more “normal” food. Little did I known it was the worst thing that I could do.

As I was enjoying my piece of lightly toasted cinnamon raisin toast I felt this big pop in my jaw. The same area where my biopsy was performed. WHAT WAS THAT? Did I just break a tooth? Needless to say I stopped eating right at way. I called the doctors office. My Doctor was not in as he was in sunny Hawaii for some seminar. So a made an appointment to see one of the other doctors there. When I got to the office I was informed that I could have fractured my jaw. FRACTURED MY JAW! The x-ray was inconclusive as the tumor was in the way. I had to wait till 7 pm to get a CAT Scan, my 3rd in 1 month. Should I be glowing? Great more background radiation.

The doctor called me the next day and told me that the CAT Scan was also inconclusive. He gave me more antibiotics and since I did not feel a bite difference I should be ok. SHOULD? I asked the doctor what would happen if I did indeed fractured my jaw. He said that I would need to have the surgery sooner then later as there was a chance for infection, hence the subscription of more antibiotics. Great. All this scare. Guess I was done in by toast.

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