Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am not happy with that Hospital!

A Second opinion. It was Thursday, October the 11th. Today I had an appointment for my second opinion for the procedure to remove the tumor as well and to check out the doctor at a different hospital. Now I called the office direct on the Monday prior to confirm, as well as confirming that morning. Both times the appointment was verified. I had all my Cat Scan films and x-rays, biopsy reports and copies to give to the doctor. I had a list of questions all ready to ask including wanting to see the doctors CV. I felt well prepared for the appointment. Boy was I in for a surprise.

I found the office with easy. I was a little worried as the Hospital was quite large. I went up to the reception desk giving my name and who I was suppose to see. Long story short the doctor was not there. In fact none of them were. They were in some seminar in Hawaii. I was floored. I called twice to confirm. I was given yes both times!!!! I lost it.

I broke down. I have a TUMOR!!! Where is the doctor? I called twice!! I demand to see the office manager!!! I said all this in the middle of crying my eyes out. I did not need this. Other office patients were looking at me. I did not care. I was wondering who the heck their were seeing if the doctors where not in. I just felt bad as my mom had to watch me go through this all. I hope they don't perform surgery the way they operate the office or I would be in major trouble.

Upon speaking to the manger, still crying my eyes out, I did not feel that much better. She admitted it was their offices mistake. DUH! She gave me money for parking. But that was it.

Of course I will not let this go. I am written a letter to everyone at the hospital regarding this really bad and terrible experience. Not only am I stressed about this tumor, I can now add I am stressed about this hospital. Thanks U Penn.

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