Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off to meet the Executioner

Today I finally got to see the doctor at University of Penn. I think I went into that office with a big chip on my shoulder. Can you blame me? Dr Carrasco (mom said that this mean executioner in Spanish or something) was told what happened the last time I was there but it did not seem to effect him. Ok, strike one.

He looked at the x-rays I had and told me basically what that other doctor did. But he mentioned taking the bone out of my leg, the fibula, rather then the hip. He would not perform the surgery to remove the fibula, another doctor would. He also states that recovery time will be more then a few months. A year to be honest. The other doctor did not state that. He also said that this operation is not a walk in the part. It is a big deal and that he knew the other doctor I met first and advised me that he is a good doctor.

I started to get upset, not that what he was saying was hurtful but the fact that he was treating this as it was. A serious case. I did not get that sense from the other guy. I started to cry. I cry a lot lately.

He also mentioned a Dr called Dr Marx in Florida. Now I heard his name in passing on the Yahoo! Support Group site. But I am not going to Florida for this operation. I thought about seeing someone in the Mayo Clinic down there but it’s too far to travel.

I don't know what I am going to do. This is all too much.

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