Friday, December 21, 2007

Johns Hopkins

Its been a while since I last post. Mainly because of the stress of trying to get everything ready, work, personal information and selling my home to name a few. But after all is said and done, I did pick Johns Hopkins to do the surgery. The date would be December 20th and yes, I would end up in the hospital over Christmas holiday. Some people at work asked if I should change it but I rather leave it and get it done sooner rather then later. Don't want this thing growing any bigger.

My mom, brother and I went to Baltimore the day before. Surgery would take place on the 20th at 8:45 am. Naturally a hotel stay before hand would be better since we do live 3 hours away. We stayed at the Hyatt in the Inner Harbor. Nice vice but the place was deserted. Guess because of the holiday. I really could not sleep. Nerves I guess.

Upon arriving at the hospital at 6:15 am I had this numb feeling. It was so surreal. I was not about to go through this. It was someone else. It did not hit me until I got changed into the hospital gown that this is it. I am about to get cut into my neck and leg. I am about to lose part of my leg bone, lose part of my jaw and teeth. Who knows what I would look like. I started to get scared. I knew that this was the best hospital for me. But I could not help to get scared. Several nursed and anesthesiologist came in and asking me questions. IV was placed in my arms. Blood pressure taking as well as heart rate. I am surprised it was not 100+ beats a minute.

The first doctor came to visit me around 8am. Doctor Bohemen, who was doing the Reconstruction part of the surgery was going over Little of the process. He marked the leg he was going to use as well as side where they would remove my jaw. He went over the same thing he did upon our first meeting except for one thing. He stated he may have to cut a line from my chin to my lip for the Reconstruction. WHAT!!! No one mentioned this before. No way was I about to let this happen. He left to, what i assumed to prep for the surgery. At this point mom and bro were allowed to see me. It took a bit for me not to get misty eyed. But I held it together ok. More anesthesiologist came in an asked me more questions. Then Doctor Koch came in. I don't remember much other then mom and bro said there goodbyes and gave kissed and hugs before they welled me off. Mom started to crying which made me sad. But I did ask the doctor about the lip and that I don't want it cut as no one said that would happen before. Doctor said that would not happen. I hope he was telling me the truth. But as the Doctor was going over the process i started to feel funny. Drunk even. I looked over and asked the anesthesiologist if they started the drugs. She said yes. Bad timing as I was talking to the Doctor. I looked over to mom and brother with almost a sleeping smile. They started to wheel me away and that is the last thing I remember. I was in the doctors hands now.

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