Monday, April 6, 2009

I am going to get an infection and die

I think someone cursed me. I really do. That or the stars are not aligned in my favor this month. The stitches where they closed up the incision they made inside my mouth have come out. Too early. It’s wide open. I can see the top of one implant and if I am not mistaken, bone. BONE! *sigh* Left a message at my doctors office to make an appointment. Good thing I got some antibiotics and pain killers last week. Of course, with this much of an opening I am sure now I am going to get an infection and die. Hope it’s quick.

Seriously, this just makes me depressed. Why can not I be done with all this? If it was not for the initial infection I got last year I would have been done. DONE.

Happy Monday.

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