Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterday I met an angel.

When I was at Johns Hopkins yesterday, I went to see someone who just had surgery for the same thing I have. I met her online at the Yahoo! Support Group. She was still in ICU. I have to say for the kind of operation she went through, she looked good.

As we talked, (as best she could, bless her), I was reminded of my experience after surgery. The worry of what I would look like, what will I be able to do and NOT do. Doubts that I had in getting this operation done. And the fact I was very uncomfortable wearing nothing but that thin hospital gown.

I brought along a little get well package filled with Medera cream, Ensure and a get well card. On the bag I wrong Ameloblastoma Support. I think its good to talk to someone who has been through this same operation. As much as family and friends are there, they just do not understand.

Recovery takes time. To my angel out there in Baltimore, you're not alone.


Tina said...

how sweet of you! was ilana happy to see you?

Laura said...

Well as happy as she could be after a big surgery.