Thursday, April 16, 2009

What about my leg

It’s an odd thing, having Ameloblastoma. In order to fix one health problem you have to almost make another. Well if it was not my leg it would have been my hip. Oh boy. My leg has been bothering me lately. If I take my fingers and place them just above my ankle bone a run it up the fibula (or what is left of it) I can feel where it ends. That is where it hurts. Not massive pain but sore. It comes and goes.

I also notice that when I wear heels, high heels my leg bothers me more. Especially in the back of my ankle. So I have been wearing low heels or flats. Which is sad because they are some really NICE shoes out there. PRADA anyone?

Also my foot does not flex up all the way. I can point down with no problem. It's the point up that hurts. My big toe curls under. So when I walk I have to be conscious of not stepping on my toe. Its not as bad as I am probably making it sound. But its bad enough. I noticed this back last February and I hoped it would be temporary. but it stuck. I have been doing some exercises to help. But so far, it has not.

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