Monday, April 13, 2009

On my own

Well it’s been almost two months since my surgery. I am very happy as my smile is almost back to where it looks normal and not one sided. That’s the good news. The bad is that I am still dripping all over the place when I drink out of the right hand side. I forgot once and made the mistake of drinking a can of diet coke without a straw. It ends up mostly on my shirt and my sofa. *sigh*

I finished my antibiotics last week. So now I am “on my own”. Meaning, now that I am relying on my own body to heal and with my track record, I will get an infection and die (sarcasm). No, seriously I hope for the best. Numbness right now is about a size of a large half dollar, which is a little larger then before. I wonder if this would be permanent, but I remind myself to give it time. Though I do get distressed if I have food on the right side of my chin and I can not feel it. That and it’s a little embarrassing.

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Tina said...

ahh, i have this feeling every time i go off my antibiotics, as i have had the same issues with infections as you..its like your body has let you down and now you are scared to let it heal itself! i sure hope your body has gotten the message and can take care of itself now, maybe it just needed some time to bounce back and with the help of the meds you can recover quickly now.

i'll be thinking of you! {{{hugs}}}!