Monday, April 6, 2009

Why are some people just plain stupid?

Well, the doctor did not call me back. Again. I have gone from being miffed to down right irate. I left two message for the doctor today, one at the hospital and the other at his private practice. Now I have to say the people who answer the phone at the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Department are either very over worked, understaffed or just plain rude. I think its the middle as I see what happens when I wait in the waiting room. But I was told something on the lines that she would try to give him the message or have him call me. Try? Well I will try not to get an infection and die. Now his practice said he was not in till Tuesday. Fine. At least she was very nice and sincere when I called. Rather deal with her then the hospital. Well I had enough by the evening and decided to call the hospital to get the ENT on call. Little did I know I would be crying for 20 minutes after I got off the phone.

My call into the hospital did not go well. The person who I was taking to said there is no ENT for Oral Surgery and I would have to speak to my doctor tomorrow or just got to the ER. Frakkin b. This is not what the sheet of paper I got said. Clearly if I need help to call and ask for the Oral Surgeon on call. She would not hear it. I told her I was frustrated and hung up. I then proceeded to cry for what felt like a million minutes. I don't want to get an infection. I don't want another surgery. Don't they know by now I had enough. I want to be free. Part of me wanted to go and curl up in my bed and cry to sleep. Another part wanted to go right to the fridge and get some beer or vodka. Fuck this. Sorry the language but enough.

I called back and switched my tactics a little. Thankfully I got a different person. I said I wanted the Otolaryngolgy ENT on call. Now I knew they had one of these. The person who was very nice just asked me three questions: Are you a patient? Yes. What is your name? Laura. And what is your phone number? I gave that with no hesitation. She then preceded to transferred me to the ENT Resident on call for Oto. As I was explaining to Dr Masion, I think that was her name, all the stress that I just went through came out. I was crying. Really bad. I apologized but she was sympathetic. She stated to keep trying to reach Dr Sinada but she said she would talk to Dr B, my plastic surgeon and let him know what was happening. He has a clinic on Tuesday and would try to call me. I know he would call because he never failed to before. She said to keep taking my antibiotics and my oral rinse. She did not tell me anything I already did not know, but it was a comfort to speak to her non the less.

I have never had any issues with this hospital before. I hope this would be the last.
But until I get a phone call back... I think I will just curl up and go to sleep.

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