Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back at Johns Hopkins again

After we checked into a local hotel in Baltimore my mom and I took a taxi to the hospital. I must say I have no idea where the ER is at Johns Hopkins. We got dropped off at the main entrance and walked over to the ER, which was down is some basement level of the hospital. I was really fearful that we would be waiting 6 hours. You hear horror stories about wait time and by the lack of empty seats in the waiting area I worried the my fear would be a realty. I must say getting through the first two triage stations were quick. It was the wait after that was not.

I was so tired from the drive and the stress of it all I almost fell asleep. I would have too except for the fact that two patients that were waiting to be seen almost gotten into a fight. I am not kidding. Security had to come and separate the two like school children. I remember asking the nurse that night what was up with that. She said it happens more then you would think. A lot of people use the ER as their main doctor.

I finally did get called back about 2 1/2 hours of waiting. The nurse took me back, way back under the grounds or basement of the hospital. I felt like I was in this secret area you were not suppose to see. Through different tunnels and doors and one short elevator ride I arrived in a different part of the ER unit. It was a floor of the Olser Building of the hospital where they kept patient most likely to be admitted. Yeah me! It had a specific name but I forget what it was. Not important I guess.

After I got into my hospital gown they gave me some fluid as I was dehydrated, took some blood (which they had a very hard time finding my veins) I knew I would have to get yet another CAT Scan, my 7th in a little over a year, but they wanted me to be well hydrate before they start.

The ENT on call was was same Doctor I talked to on the phone. He examined me and said he was glad I came in. They took a marker and circled around my swelling. This was done to gauge to see if my swelling would get worse. I have a picture here. My poor chin.

I had a roommate. Poor thing keeps saying she was tired and praised Jesus. Though I thought it was interesting that she was cursing up a storm just after the Jesus part. So I keep asking the doctor when I would get my own room. He told me he would be transferring me to the Weinberg Building where I stayed last time when they officially admit me. These rooms are all "suites" so just one bed per room. GOOD!

I was not in ER Unit long. After two full bags of fluid and a trip to the basement to get my Cat Scan my mom and I were taken to the Weinberg Building and my "suite" for the next few days. Felt like coming home. Weird I know.

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