Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Big Fat Italian Chin

Went to see the doctor today for the swelling that I had underneath my chin. It seemed to get more red over night. Dr B saw it and was mildly concern since I have a great track record of infections. I told him that I was not given a prescription for antibiotic and just have been rinsing my mouth with saline solution and a medical rinse given my Dr Sinada's office for the implants. He advised me to stated taken antibiotics which he prescribed and to see him in 10 days. He also said if the swelling increased to give him a call ASAP. Don't worry Doc, your on the top of my list.

I also had a appointment to see Dr Sinada for my implants. He was very pleased by the way they looked and took an X-ray of them.
He showed me and I took a quick picture of it. The game plan from here is to let the implants screws settle. In about 3 to 4 months he can then proceed with the next step which is either permanent teeth or a denture like prosthetic that I would be able to remove at night. I asked him for the cost of both as I did not think my insured would cover this. He states this billing department would keep me informed so I can make an educated decision. At this point all bills have been processed under medical.

I went home wearing the temporary prosthetic he gave me last week. He just smoothed them down to help make the fit better. I can start chewing on the right side now but he recommended soft food for now. The only issued I had was swallowing. Ever time I swallowed I would get a sharp pain under my chin. I was not sure if it was the prosthetic acting as a suction and causing the pain or if it was the swelling or both. When I got home I took them out and did not wear them since.
One step at a time. I have to take care of this stupid swelling first. Then I can think about my new fake teeth.

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