Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mom, I think I need to go to the ER

They say each person knows their body. What feels right. What does not. Well today I woke up not feeling right at all. I did not get any sleep. I am in more pain then I should be IN after surgery this many days out. And my chin is the size of Mt Kilimanjaro not to mention that it is red hot to the touch. I called the ENT on call and told him what happened. He stated that he would call Dr B to see what he wants to do. OK, let me know.

When he returned the call he stated that I need to go to an ER. Preferably Johns Hopkins sine they are familiar with my case. I asked if I could wait till tomorrow. He said it's just going to get worse. OK I will do my best since I live 3 hours away. Sometimes I wished I choose a hospital that was a little closer. When my mom got home I told her. We packed in record time and were on our way by 3:00pm. This should be interesting. My poor chin.

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