Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its almost time

This week is my surgery date. But I am worried because when I went to Disney last week I got sick. Very sick. Not for Amelo but the common cold. Either I got it on the plane down or by some random kid. The people who worked at Disney said it was going around. Not what I needed one week out before surgery. I was worried the Doctor would cancel my date. Well I would find that out tomorrow.

Doctor looked at me and was pleased the swelling did not come back. Looks like the glue worked and the hole inside my mouth has closed. I could not even tell there was a hole. It healed nicely. He could tell I was sick and was pleased that I came down anyway since to see him. He reassured me that as long as I did not have a fever it was ok. I did not. Just to advised the anesthesiologist that I was sick.

The plate would remain. If this did not work then they would have no other choice. Here is hoping.

I called my Oral surgeon to confirm my appointment for Friday for the Doctor to start the implant process. To my horror I was told the doctor was not in and is out till next week. I was very very very very upset on the phone when I was told of this. Let just say some not so nice words were said. I should know better but hey, I have surgery. My nerves are already raw. His office said they would call and get back to me to see what happened. Long story short the doctor would be in on Friday for just for my surgery. But he was indeed out of the office to everyone else. Don't I feel special. Just wished they said that from the get go before I got mental... oh I mean disheartening.

So there you have it. In a few days I will be back on the surgical table at JH. My third surgery. I know I will just be starting the implant process but I hope that it will be the end of my reconstruction end.

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