Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 5 things to take with you to the Hospital

Hospital stay can be very boring. Yes, you're suppose to rest but sometimes even that gets dull and lets face it there is only so much rest you can do in a day. Not to forget the lovely gowns they give and the oh so pretty socks. I never expect to be at a Day Spa but having something that makes your stay comfortable will go a long way in your recovery. It will make you feel better and relaxed. It worked for me.

Now everyone brings a change of clothing and of course your insurance cards. But I think you could also bring a few more things.

Here are my top 5 things to take with you to make your Hospital stay more enjoyable:

1) Robe/PJS- That little hospital gown does not keep you warm at all. Bring a Robe and some PJs to help keep you warm and secure.

2) Entertainment- By that I mean MP3 player, Game Boy, PSP even a portable DVD player. But make sure your Hospital has a safe in the room to store these goodies in. Even in hospitals things go missing. Most rooms have TVs but there can be a cost to activate it. Also grab your favorite Novel or puzzle book. This will help the time go by and keep your mind active.

3) Toiletries- Tooth brush, tooth paste, feminine products, razors, hair brush... you get the idea.

4) Cell phone- If you have one bring it. Great for texting friends on how you're doing and making calls. If you have web access you can check your email. Rooms are all equipped with phones but there is a cost to turn them on.

5) Sneakers/Walking shoes- This should be a given since you are not going to the hospital in heels or dress shoes, unless its in the ER. The socks the Hospital gives to you are fine but don't offer any support. If you want to take a walk around the floor in comfort bring your sneakers.

It really all depends how long your hospital stay may be. Now don't bring a giant suite case, just what you need to get by. The doctors may go over with you what you can or can not bring. They are days when you don't want to or feel good enough to do anything but for the other days some of this stuff can help. Also it helps if you have your own room. Both of my experience have been in a room by myself.

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