Friday, November 7, 2008

I am out of Surgery

Today I had surgery. Wished I could say it went smooth but... My mom and I got to the hospital around 5:00 am. We went to the Weinberg building where I had my first surgery and the letter I got from Doctor B's office stated that is where I needed to be. To my dismay I was not scheduled there. I was to be at the Outpatient building. I was a little miffed. It's stressful enough the day of surgery I don't need more aggravation. Regardless the nurse was very nice and she apologized 10 times for the mixed up. I told her it was not her fault. But I will let the office know.

When I got called back to the pre-op room I went through the usually bought of questions the the nurse asks: Are you pregnant? What are you allergic to? When did you last eat? etc... I must have been confused as I kept thinking this is not a very private area where they are going to perform the surgery. DUH LAURA its pre op. Dr B came back and told me what he was goig to do: Close the fistula and re buff so to speak my scar around my neck. I did not see Dr S for the implants and wondered if he was even going to be there but I saw this resident Dr R and he reasured me Dr S would be present. Any way they walked me back to the operating room where they stuck this and that to be. Then I was out. I work up about 2 hours later in the recovery room felling awful. I was so out of it and cold. They gave me drugs ease my pain and then took me to station two to get ready to discharge. I was so cold at this point that when my brought my mom back I busted into tears. My mom was like what happened? I told her I was cold and the nurse brought over three warm blanket. Much better.

The nurse went over discharge instructions very quickly? I had to ask her to repeat that like 10 times. She was not very friendly and my mom agreed. Wished I smacked her. But Dr B came back and verbally went over everything as well and Dr R. Now they did not give me any antibiotic since I was about allergic to almost of them and the ones that I am not give me c-diff. I don't think this was a wise choice based on my based record but they did give me an oral rinse. We will see what happens. I am staying at a local hotel in Baltimore before I head back to NJ just in case.

I have two weeks of rest and recover to go through and then back to work. Here is hoping this is all over with.

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