Monday, November 17, 2008

Can I go home?

It’s Monday and the regular staff working today. Today my new nurse is actually new. It’s her first full day in the hospital after schooling. She had a more experience nurse train her. She was very nice and very hard-working. Makes we wish that all nurses regardless of their years in service would keep that spark. Not to say the nurses here so far were mean or inattentive, on the contrary. But it makes me smile to see her eagerness and sincerity shine.

Moms bored. I am bored. TV is boring. I do have my Sookie Stackhouse Novel to entertain me. I have been texting my friends too. But I am still bored. At least my pain is gone. Its sad when food is my highlight of the day.

I would see Dr B today as he was off during the weekend. I am still swollen but not as bad. I am sure they will see if they can drain any more fluid. Still chatter of taking out the plate. When I did finally see my favorite Doctor he did look puzzled. He is coming to the conclusion that this plate need to come out. I asked when the procedure would be. Today? Tomorrow? No, it will not be till after all this infection is done and I am healed. February? March? Well at least I will have my sick time back since I used it all in the beginning of the year.

Well that tomorrows issued I guess. I just hope I get to go home soon to feed my cats.

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