Monday, November 17, 2008

Weinberg "Suites"

Home Sweet Home. Ok not quite, but at least I was familiar with my surroundings. Spent my first night at the hospital. As usually the nurses came in and took my blood pressure and temperature. Hooked me up to an IV with fluid and antibiotics. Its weird to try to sleep with an IV sticking out of one arm. I am always afraid I will yank it off some how.

The team of doctors came in around 8am that Sunday. Mom was already here. Poor thing, probably only got a few hours sleep at the hotel. There were murmurs about my issue and about the plate and the infection/swelling that I kept getting. But they went on there way but would be back this after noon to evaluate the pressure. In other words they would be draining the collection of fluid in there. I just hope with a needle and not a knife.

The nurse gave me this thing I needed to blow into to help my breathing or clear up my lungs. I never did understand it the first time I was here. I could never get it above 2000. Oh well.

The good thing this time around is that I was Mobile. I did not have to worry about trying to walk again. So I felt good considering. Plus the drugs did help alleviate any pain that I had. I walked around the entire floor with this giant machine for exercise. Not as easy as you would think as I keep hitting my leg on it. Had to remember to keep it at arms length.

Doctors came back that afternoon and drained my chin. Thankfully with a needle. They took 3 vials of pus out which helped take away the pressure. I almost felt better instantly. Almost. Mom was not there for this event that they did right at my bed. Surprisingly it did not hurt.

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